Prescription vending
machine benefits


Pharmaself24 convenient for patients and good for business

Today’s pharmacy business has changed and is changing daily. Competition from online players is now an increasing challenge and threat. Consumers have changed their buying behaviors and are used to making purchases at any time of day or night.

Pharmaself24 is the prescription vending machine that allows pharmacies to remain competitive on the market guaranteeing patients to have a safe and effective service inline with their 21st century consumer habits.

How a prescription vending machine can help your pharmacy


Saves time

The automated prescription kiosk frees up staff’s time and reduces patient’s waiting time.

  • Frees-up your staff from distribution tasks creating more time for patient’s counselling.
  • Allows the pharmacy staff to invest more time in high value activities for the pharmacy.
  • Frees-up your staff’s time to concentrate on patient needs and services, rather than handing out prescriptions offering more interaction and a better level of healthcare.

Increases customer satisfaction

The pharmacy prescription vending machine guarantees patients comfort and flexibility, increasing their satisfaction.

  • Allows patients to collect prescriptions whenever they want.
  • Reduces queues and waiting times making their experience more comfortable and pleasant.
  • Responds to the needs of the patients with limited time to collect drugs.

Increase pharmacy’s market share

Prescription dispensing solutions can grow and secure a pharmacy’s business, increasing patient’s loyalty and attracting new ones.

  • Attracts new patients because a 24/7 service is needed by today’s customers.
  • The pharmacy can dispense more prescriptions with no need to expand its opening time.
  • The pharmacy can dispense prescriptions at any time of the day or night.

What a prescription kiosk can do for customers

No more waiting time in-store

Thanks to Pharmaself24 patients don’t stand in a line anymore

  • Allows prescription collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Avoid unnecessary journeys and tedious waiting only to find that drugs are not available.
  • Allows patients to organize the collection of medicines according to their commitments.

Allow patient to safely collect medicines

The automatic management of prescriptions ensures a pleasant and protected shopping experience.

  • It reduces human interaction while protecting both patients and pharmacy staff.
  • Allows patient to retrieve medicines through a personal PIN code.
  • Helps to avoid human errors in the dispensing process thanks to a process based on barcode where track any single step can be tracked.

Offer new possibilities to patient

The Pharmaself24 does not just dispense medicines but also offers other convenient services.

  • Accept payments by credit and debit cards.
  • The patient can have a receipt after the prescription is collected.
  • Patient can order on the pharmacy website and pay at the time of collection.

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